Call to Members to Review Zanzibar Tourism Regulations 2014

ZATI members are being urged to review and comment on the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism’s (ZCT) draft Zanzibar Tourism Regulations 2014 by next Tuesday. It is important that members use this opportunity to share their views and assist the ZCT in developing Regulations that accurately reflect the industry.

The paper includes regulations affecting all areas of the tourism industry, including licensing, hotels and restaurants, tour operators/agencies and tour guides, diving and other water based sports, and inspection penalties.

View the proposed Regulations hereĀ

Ramadan in Zanzibar

Dear Visitor,

You have arrived during an important event on the Muslim Calendar – Ramadan -which starts around 28 June and finishes around 28 July, depending on the moon.

Ramadan is time for Muslims to purify the soul, re-focus attention on God and practice self-sacrifice. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs during the daylight hours. The daily fast ends with iftar, the first meal taken after nightfall, and continues long into the night.

We in the tourism sector would like to advise you as follows:

  • Please refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking in public. Although some restaurants may be closed during the day there are many hotels and restaurant where you can be accommodated.
  • Please dress modestly, (clothing to the knees and try to cover your shoulders and upper chest).
  • Please refrain from kissing on the lips, or displays of physical affection.

This is particularly important in Stone Town or anywhere outside your hotel, in the countryside, between sunrise and sunset.

The month reaches a climax with Eid al Fitr (Siku Kuu) – the feast of breaking of the fast and a four-day holiday marked by the exchanging of gifts and family visits. It is a vibrant and exciting time to be in Zanzibar.

We wish you an enjoyable stay in Zanzibar during Ramadan.

For German translation please visit Resource Section, we also plan to include additional translations.