Zanzibar Marketing Masterplan 2015-2000 for review
Yesterday, ZATI attended a Zanzibar Commission for Tourism (ZCT) stakeholder meeting about a Marketing Master Plan for 2015-2020. ZATI urges all tourism stakeholders to review and comment on the draft. It is important that ZATI members use this opportunity to share their views and assist the ZCT in developing destination marketing strategies. View the document here – Please send your comments to by 10 December.

Hotels register with Zanzibar food, drugs, and cosmetics board
Zanzibar Food and Drugs Board (ZFDB) is following up on the registration of the hoteliers in Nungwi and Matemwe. ZFDB is a regulatory authority under the Ministry of Health which operates in accordance with the Zanzibar Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act, No. 2 of 2006, with the key role of regulating all matters relating to quality, safety and efficacy of food, drugs, herbal drugs, medical devices and cosmetics. You can access ZFDB registration files here:
Application and Registration of Premises –
Application for Permit -
Food and Drugs Act –

ZATI meets with the Swiss & French Ambassadors
Recently, the ZATI board members were invited to meet with the French (24/10) and Swiss Ambassadors (31/11) to discuss ZATIs general views on a wide variety of matters including the business environment, tourism and culture, religion and socio-economic aspects. The improvements that ZATI advocates for – on behalf of its members – which include policing and security, taxation, utilities, conservation, skills and airport/seaport facilities as well as destination marketing, were also discussed.

A job well done to award wining Multi Colour Printers Ltd!
ZATI member, Multi Color Printers Ltd, was recently recognised as one of the high quality digital printers at the International Digital Solutions Cooperative Conference held in Budapest. A first for a company from East Africa! Read the news here -


Zanzibar Current Account Deficit Up
The increase in import of goods and services, coupled with decline in current transfer inflows has widened the Zanzibar current account deficit. The Bank of Tanzania (BoT) monthly economic review for October shows that the current account balance recorded a deficit of 24.2 million US dollars compared to a surplus of 22.0 million US dollars in the corresponding period in 2013. For more visit –

Free download App that aims to promote Tanzania
This is an informal launch pre-announcement of the ‘Official Destination Tanzania Zanzibar Serengeti Ngorongoro Kilimanjaro’ with support of the Tanzania Tourist Board application for the Android device. This will operate on your Android device (phone/tablet – not Blackberry.) This application is a phone app and does not work on computers. The Apple iPhone/iPad app iOS version of the app has been available since October. The app is launched and available for a Free Download here – Contact Benita Cassar Torreggiani on for details.

Tanzania attracting international and regional airlines
Targeting the fast-growing tourism and rising business opportunities in Tanzania, international airlines are looking at best options to fly to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s commercial capital, and Arusha, East Africa’s tourist capital. Read more –

Dar es Salaam tourism welcomes more flights to and from Dubai
Dar es Salaam’s business community, but more so Tanzania’s country tourism sector, has welcomed the announcement of the addition of double daily flights between Dubai and Dar es Salaam. This will add a further 474 seats in each direction as well as added cargo capacity for exporters of fresh produce, cut flowers, and seafood to the main consumer markets in the Middle East and Europe. Read more –

Use Air Seychelles’ Dar-Mahé flights for business
Air Seychelles started flying between Dar es Salaam and the Indian Ocean archipelago yesterday, a move meant to offer more options to tourists visiting the two countries. The Mahé-based air operator is deploying its 136-seater Airbus A320 between the two destinations. For more visit ––Dar-Mah–flights-for-business–minister/-/1840414/2543098/-/m9cce8z/-/index.html

Tick Zanzibar off your bucketlist
South African holidaymakers who dream of visiting Zanzibar, Tanzania’s famous spice island, can now take advantage of fastjet’s three flights each week to the island from Johannesburg, travelling via Dar es Salaam. The flights, offered in partnership with Tanzanian local carrier Coastal Aviation, cost as little as R2170, inclusive of all government and airport taxes, putting that dream vacation firmly and affordably within reach. For more –

Zanzibar Needs Its Own Police Helicopter
Zanzibar House of Representatives was informed on Friday that Tanzania’s Police Force has only two helicopters covering both the mainland and the Isles, but backbencher, Mr Saleh Nassor Juma (CUF-Wawi), wants one of the helicopters to be stationed on the Isles. –

Tanzanian Tourism Industry launches Travelers education portal for Ebola
A website and social media campaign launched by Tanzania tourism stakeholders is set to reach tourists, and travel industry professionals in key markets. This site will provide specific steps and precautions that Tanzania is taking to remain Ebola Free. It will encourage potential travellers to visit the website to get continuous information and updates

President Obama’s message on Ebola
“Here’s the bottom line. Patients can beat this disease. And we can beat this disease. But we have to stay vigilant. We have to work together at every level — federal, state and local. And we have to keep leading the global response, because the best way to stop this disease, the best way to keep… safe, is to stop it at its source — in West Africa.”– President Obama, October 25, 2014. See more at –

Zanzibar Pushes to Curb Unemployment
President Ali Mohamed Shein has said that in a bid to reduce unemployment, his government has been taking different initiatives to prepare the youths for jobs in Zanzibar. Speaking at the opening of the “Youth Development Carrier Fair in Zanzibar” over the weekend, Dr Shein said that he is disturbed by unemployed rate (17 per cent) of youth aged between 15 and 34 years, who are able to work but lack jobs. He said that creating employment for youth is one of the government’s priorities in speeding up social and economic development of the islands. –

Zanzibar Women Need Capacity Building for General Elections
Women in Zanzibar are lobbying for capacity building, a move they have described crucial in enabling them participate actively in the forthcoming general elections. The call for help was echoed by community women groups when they gathered to share ideas on challenges facing them as the 2015 general elections draws closer. The women groups’ coordinators from Shehia (wards) of ten districts of Unguja and Pemba underlined the importance of a timely training before the much awaited general elections. For more –

Old Age Blamed for Zanzibar Building Collapse
Police and fire department officials in Zanzibar said that old age and the poor condition of the historic building in Stone town (Jaws Corner) contributed to its collapse last Wednesday… Both the police and the fire rescue division confirmed that although the accident occurred during day time, fortunately there was no death and nobody was injured. –

Zanzibar Journalists May Travel With President but
The Zanzibar Ministry of Information, Tourism, Culture, and Sports, has said that journalists and media who want to travel with the president on official visits abroad should pay for the travel costs. “There has been no discrimination of journalists and media in visits by president abroad. Those who can meet the costs, can request to travel with the president abroad,” Mr Said Ali Mbarouk, Minister for Information. For more –

Tanesco at 50: Successes, challenges go side by side
Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (Tanesco) this year is marks 50 years anniversary after a long history from the colonial governments. It was established by the German colonialists in 1908, first serving railway workshops and a part of the town where the colonialists were mostly staying.


Support ZATI advocacy for sustainable and responsible tourism | Membership from $100
ZATI works primarily to support its member’s interest and thereby protect the largest and fastest growing private sector industry – and one of the largest contributors to the economy and employment in Zanzibar. This is achieved via the involvement of members, sponsors and Government. The improvements that ZATI advocate for on behalf of its members, include policing and security, taxation, utilities, conservation, skills, airport/seaport facilities, destination marketing, which are all essential to a sustainable tourism industry. ZATI works alongside public and private partners to help develop responsible and sustainable tourism. Find out more about ZATI at and Facebook at –

ZATI NEWS UPDATE | 19 November 2014


Direct arrivals into Zanzibar on the up
Arrival statistics from the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism, from January to July 2014, show that Zanzibar received 77,450 tourist arrivals (via airport overseas) and 28,940 (via seaport), a total of 106,390 – see chart below. Over the same period last year, Zanzibar received 93,351, an increase of 13,039 this year so far. Zanzibar also received 49,929 domestic tourists for the same period – making a total of 156,319 to date. Although direct arrivals record an increase, the mainland is reporting a decrease in their visitor numbers of up to 40% which could impact Zanzibar as it is estimated that one third of tourist traveling to Tanzania end their trip in Zanzibar.

Inline images 1

Tanzania: Agriculture Vs Tourism As Backbone of Zanzibar’s Economic Growth
Since tourism accounts for 80 per cent of the foreign currency, many leaders and members of the business community describe the sector as the backbone of the future economic growth and development of the islands. The Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI) recently had a colourful annual dinner held at the Zanzibar Beach Resort, where the ZATI chairperson said; “Tourism is now the leading industry. It is the backbone of the economy. So, it really is a time for tourism for all… ” ZATI chairperson Mr Abdulsamad Ahmed Said informed the gathering that tourism requires knowledge and awareness — that would in turn bring positive change. –

Congratulations to ZATI member, Unguja Lodge, for winning the Boutique Hotel Award for sustainability (Africa)!
Initially arriving in Zanzibar as keen divers with a desire to explore the delights of the Indian Ocean, owners and hotel managers Ralph Kruidering and Elies Hagedoorn, fell in love with this little island. Their project of building a small dive centre slowly grew into the establishment of an authentic and luxurious lodge situated at the southern tip of what is often known as ‘Spice Island’. Particularly impressive are their great efforts to invest in the local community, decorating their villas with local artisan works and employing happy and friendly staff from the local village. They have certainly succeeded in providing an intimate and warm atmosphere in peaceful and unspoiled surroundings. For more read – and

TPSF Venture Captial Funding
Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) is inviting business plan applications for funding. TPSF have organised a project whereby they arrange venture capital funding or private equity for businesses based in Zanzibar/Tanzania ranging from US$5 to 500 Million. For more details see

Hifadhi Zanzibar
Hifadhi Zanzibar, a new city restoration company, recently invited interested tourism stakeholders to become part of the founding shareholders team. The town is a source of identity and cohesion for its inhabitants and it makes Stone Town attractive as tourism destination – Zanzibar’s most important driver for economic development. It is of eminent importance to maintain it well, but it also offers major opportunities for making Stone Town a thriving centre for all, essential for a healthy future. Hifadhi Zanzibar is contributing to this healthy development of the city, by acquiring, restoring and cost-effectively utilising monumental buildings in a sustainable way. Hifadhi Zanzibar manages its property in a profitable way, not with the aim to maximise dividend, but to reinvest in new property, making an ever-increasing positive impact on the state of Zanzibar’s built heritage. For more, visit or contact Hifadi Zanzibar on 0769 427 178 or

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Act 2014 (Tanzania)
For a long time Tanzania has never had a specific law that addresses both insolvency and bankruptcy. In spite of various laws that are relevant on insolvency, there is a problem on the lack of clear and specific legal framework to address insolvency issues including insolvency practitioners in Tanzania. This poses serious challenges to the insolvency practice in Tanzania and its implementation by the practitioners. The main law that could be used to successfully address both insolvency and bankruptcy is the Bankruptcy Act. However, the Bankruptcy Act which was inherited since colonial time only deals with bankruptcy but do not address corporate insolvency. Additionally, the law neither regulates insolvency practitioners nor establishes the regulatory board to regulate the conduct and activities of such practitioners. There is no law that addresses and regulates cross-border insolvency and insolvency practitioners.

Zanzibar has its own legislation regulating insolvency and bankruptcy matters so this will not be applied in Zanzibar. However, in practice, it might have some effect on those companies incorporated in Mainland and have branch in Zanzibar. ZATI will be following developments on the mainland closely to understand how these related to Zanzibar law. For more see


ITB Berlin
Zanzibar Islands will be participating in ITB Berlin 2015 for the 8th time now, and will be exhibiting on 44sqm (5.5m x 8m) Hall 21a opposite Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Morocco. The participation fee is $3,000 for Single Company and $3,300 Shared Companies. Interested members are required to confirm their participation by filling the attached participation form and send it on email to Participation form for ITB Berlin 2015 –

Hospitality networking in Tanzania
The 2014 Hospitality Roundtable took place in Dar on 10 November. International hotel brands and local owners, learned from the hospitality experts, were able to partner with new supplier and service providers, and strengthen their business. The event focused on strengthening the hospitality industry across Tanzania. An interview with Mr Meelis Kuuskler, the Chief Executive Officer, Hospitality Design Partnership (HDP) is here -


Public questionnaire – Octopus Fisheries
This questionnaire has been designed to collect information prior to a workshop to be held from the 3-5 December 2014 in Stone Town, Zanzibar. The workshop is to share experiences in octopus fisheries management and eco-certification in East Africa and the western Indian Ocean region. This meeting is being convened by the Marine Stewardship Council and Blue Ventures, with generous support from WIOMSA. Tammy Holter (Scuba Do) & Ulli Kloiber (Chumbe Island Coral Park) are managing the questionnaire and request that you please spare 10mins of your busy time in order to complete the following questionnaire before 23rd November 2014: Octopus Fisheries Questionnaire Given the important role of the private sector in Zanzibar’s octopus fisheries market, results from this questionnaire will make a valuable contribution to this workshop.

Buy Locally Grown, Organic Produce from Farmers in Zanzibar
UWAMWIMA is a farmers’ association working to promote the sustainable production and marketing of organic horticultural products in the Zanzibar Archipelago by working directly with and for smallholder farmers. It connects farmers to hotels and restaurants, and source primarily from local farmers for all produce that grows on the island, and is in season at the time, although, for convenience of our customers, it does source out of season items, or products that do not grow well in our climate, such as broccoli, from the open market. UWAMWIMA trains farmers in sustainable agricultural practices & business skills, as well as support them to reach new and higher return markets. It operates a weekly Farmers’ Market every Wednesday from 10am-5pm in Darajani, by the main road, where it sells seasonal produce grown on the island. Promotional materials are available here -, ,


Calling aspiring tour guides
Kawa Training Center is calling for new trainees to start in January 2005. The 20 successful candidates will be selected for the training group 2015 on the basis of their level of English and computer skills. Selection will take place on the basis of an entry exam and an interview to assess the candidates’ skills and motivation. Training is six months, followed by a three month placement. Students get a thorough, hands-on, practical training in the culture and history of Zanzibar, flora and fauna, marine life, English, presentation skills, record keeping, problem-solving skills, sustainable tourism and career development. KTC was founded to bridge the gap between huge unemployment on Zanzibar (about 80%) and the struggle of the tourism industry to find well-trained staff. Interested applicants can register at or 0779065511 and find out more here –


Economic consequences of Ebola – The ignorance epidemic
Safari tents remain zipped, hotel pools are empty, game guides idle among lions and elephants. Tour operators across Africa are reporting the biggest drop in business in living memory. A specialist travel agency,, says a survey of 500 operators in September showed a fall in bookings of between 20% and 70%. Since then the trend has accelerated, especially in Botswana, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. Several American and European agents have stopped offering African tours for the time being. Read more –

No cancellation fees for Ebola on Tanzania Safaris Zanzibar Travel Holidays
We are so confident that there will be no Ebola outbreak in Tanzania that we are prepared to amend our standard terms and conditions to offer a guaranteed 100% refund to all clients who have booked with us in advance, and end up having to cancel or postpone in the unlikely event that the Ebola outbreak spreads to Tanzania. Read more here – and

Ministry of Health provides support to hoteliers
The Zanzibar Ministry of Health has been providing health care services/advice about Ebola in over 20 hotels. The meetings with hoteliers mainly focus on raising awareness and health education. The names and mobile phone numbers of all district health officers to be contacted in the event of an emergency are below and they also have provided an infomercial, featuring Dr Salma, that is being broadcast at the seaport and airports. Multichoice TV is currently broadcasting this infomercial about Ebola as part of an awareness scheme raise awareness.

Urban                       Kamis Shamata                                              0777432156
West                         Azzan                                                                 0777470846
North A                  Haji Jabir Hamza                                            0777495065
North B                  Amour Lila                                                          0773216962
Central                   Fathiya Bedwi                                                    0776397994
South                     Ali Mohammed                                                  0777470873


Q&A: Report Alleges Governments’ Complicity in Tanzanian Elephant Poaching
Smugglers who dominate the illicit ivory trade from Africa to China are said to use Zanzibar as their shipping port. “The current situation for Tanzania’s elephant population is dire in the extreme.” So begins a new report, “Vanishing Point—Criminality, Corruption and the Devastation of Tanzania’s Elephants,” by the Environmental Investigation Agency. The report pulls no punches in incriminating Tanzania—at the highest levels—in the illegal ivory trade. Released on the eve of the regional wildlife crime summit currently taking place in Arusha, Tanzania, EIA says some of the important findings include the level of corruption in Tanzania, the amount of ivory that’s trafficked, and the role Zanzibar plays in the ivory trade. Read more –

Crime & corruption behind Tanzania’s elephant meltdown
A new report reveals that Chinese-led criminal gangs are conspiring with corrupt Tanzanian officials to traffic huge amounts of ivory, a trade which has caused half of Tanzania’s elephants to be poached in the past five years – even diplomatic visits by high-level Chinese Government delegations have been used to smuggle ivory. Read more –

Serengeti airport plan faces aborted take-off
Controversy has greeted a plan to build an international airport close to Serengeti, Tanzania’s flagship national park, with a Cabinet minister (Minister Lazaro Nyalandu) vowing that no plane will be allowed into the UNESCO World Heritage Site under his watch. Read more –

Hoteliers Plead for Hospitality Industry
Lack of friendly business environment is a major threat to tourism, hospitality industry leaders said in Dar es Salaam. Hotel Association of Tanzania (HAT) Chief Executive Officer, Ms Lathifa Sykes, said during hospitality roundtable 2014 that as the problems that hitch tourism sector growth remains unaddressed, its contribution to the economy would drop. She highlighted problems like the multiplicity of taxes, levies, charges, destruction of natural resources, loss of competitive edge as some of the setbacks that call for swift measures to rescue the tourism sector. -


Melia Zanzibar
Melia Zanzibar; unique five star all inclusive resort on the north-east coast. Meliá Zanzibar is a luxury beach all inclusive resort situated on the north-east coast of the exotic island of Zanzibar, built on a 40 acre estate with a beautiful beach of pearlescent white sand lapped by warm ocean waters, 300 meters long, situated at the very end of the property to procure the perfect combination with nature. The resort is ringed by a natural coral reef, making bathing a relaxing and safe experience. The All Inclusive allows our guests to enjoy the 5 restaurants and 4 bars and experience a delighting gastronomic journey within different and tasting international cuisines. Anantara Spa is the ideal wellness centre to be pampered, with six private treatment rooms, outdoor swimming pool with sun-deck, and modern fitness room with sauna. Gabi Beach Club, located 5 mins by golf car from the Resort, on a white sandy beach is the ideal place to chill, relax and enjoy breath-taking lunch & cocktails overlooking the Indian Ocean. A must and a place to be in the entire Island! Meeting facilities including 5 meeting rooms with natural light for up to 200 people and an open air amphitheatre with spectacular views over the Indian Ocean. Read more –

RZM Financial Services
RZM Financial Services is a professional firm of Accountants and Auditors registered with the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) of Tanzania ( RZM is a growing auditing firm, currently with long experienced, energetic, hardworking and motivated partners and staff. The firm provides the following services, auditing services both external and internal, tax services both compliance and advisory and accounting services both advisory and book- keeping. For more contact +255 766 444 976/+255 713 503 118 or

Rukazibwa Vetting Solution
Rukazibwa Vetting Solution is competent in investigation as its founders have been in the investigation field for more than 10 years. Rukazibwa Vetting Solution is a subsidiary of Rukazibwa & Advocates, established in 2008, and its main objective is to assist employers in screening or vetting prospective employee personal behavior and conduct before making a decision to hire them. For more please contact or +255 773 917 853 or see their brochure here -


Support ZATI advocacy for sustainable and responsible tourism | Membership from $100
ZATI works primarily to support its member’s interest and thereby protect the largest and fastest growing private sector industry – and one of the largest contributors to the economy and employment in Zanzibar. This is achieved via the involvement of members, sponsors and Government. The improvements that ZATI call for, on behalf of its members, include policing and security, utilities, environment, taxation, skills, airport/seaport facilities, destination marketing, conservation etc. which are all essential to a sustainable tourism industry. ZATI works alongside public and private partners to help develop responsible and sustainable tourism, and although there are signs of improvement in Public Private Partnerships, more work needs to be done as it is critical to the success of the tourism industry. Find out more about ZATI at and Facebook at –