A Special Message from the ZATI Chairman to Members

Happy New Year!
This is a special note to thank you for the support you gave us in 2014!
We have had many achievements over the years – and you have all helped to make significant improvements to the business environment.
Last year ended on a fantastic note, with the restructuring of the Zanzibar Business Council (ZBC) – now known as the Zanzibar National Business Council (ZNBC.) From this year, the ZNBC will be holding three meetings with the President  each year, with representation from 30 members. This is excellent news for you as you will now have even more effective means of sharing the business challenges that you face – with the President – along with key Ministers. I will be representing you, alongside Carl Salisbury and Simai Mohammed. I will also be representing your views in a new committee specifically set up for tourism – under the ZNBC.
Last year, was busy with the influencing of the Government to adapt the recommendations published in our  – Review of legal and policy framework for safety and security in Zanzibar – which includes recommendations to re-establish a specially trained tourism police unit, the introduction of a 24 hour mobile court and capacity building for law enforcement and security officials.
ZATI continues to push forward with the challenges of taxation, with a view that a good fiscal policy is a determining factor for inducing investments – and that simplifying the tax regime and centralising fee collections will improve compliance and save money.
Other ongoing work includes advocating for improvements to policing and immigration, waste, water, electricity, conservation, skills and airport/seaport facilities, and destination marketing – which are all essential to a sustainable tourism industry.
I also recently met with the Swedish & French Ambassadors to discuss ZATIs general views on a wide variety of matters including the business environment, tourism, culture, religion and socio-economic aspects.
I also met with The Congress man from Minnesota Keith Alison, who led a trade mission of around twenty business people looking for investment opportunities that would also support the needs of Zanzibar.
As you can see, the international business community is showing a keen interest in Zanzibar and I am making sure that your voices and the challenges you face are also heard on an international level.
We were also invited to take part in the development of the Tourism Regulations, with you being encouraged to share your views. And more recently, we were asked to share our views on the Tourism Marketing Plan for 2015 – 2020. With last year ended with a meeting about the exciting development of a destination brand for Zanzibar.
This year has had a promising start! My first meeting of 2015, yesterday, was about the work plan for the Tourism Lab project. If you recall, last year, ZATI took part in the Zanzibar Tourism Laboratory for a 15 day period – representing you, your views and challenges you all face – along with a raft of proposed solutions.
As you can see, there is plenty of activity, and we are being invited to participate in more and more stakeholder events, which is great news for us all – and I would just like to assure you that your voices are being heard. We are expecting 2015 to be an equally challenging year this year, so fasten your seatbelts!
I wish you a prosperous and happy new year!



Zanzibar National Business Council representing needs of tourism stakeholders
ZATI participated in the Zanzibar National Business Council meeting last week to ensure that the voice of members is shared with the Government. The meeting was headed by the President of Zanzibar, the honourable Dr Ali Mohammed Shein, who listened to the the views of private and public tourism stakeholders. The meeting raised various issues that are constraining the development of the tourism sector in Zanzibar – and is designed to bring business and government together around a common set of actions. It represents the interests of the broad spectrum of tourism stakeholders and has input from all segments of the tourism industry. The outcomes of the meeting will be shared with members.

ZATI meets with new Commissioner of Immigration
ZATI met the new Commissioner of Immigration, Mr Johari Masoud Sururu, last Wednesday, to work towards improving the visa/permit process – and improve the sharing of information that will help smooth the process. During the meeting ZATI highlighted the challenges that members face and started discussions on possible solutions. ZATI suggested that a clear protocol agreed is developed and shared so that investors/visitors and immigration officers are all aware of the process, their rights, and therefore able to manage the process as smoothly as possible. Mr Johari confirmed that he will review the information ZATI shared and work towards making improvements. He also agreed to having a dedicated liaison officer that can share information and be a key contact for members that need assistance. We will be sharing those contacts as soon as we have them.

Tourism licensing fees 2015
The Zanzibar Commission for Tourism is currently busy working on the hotel classification exercise: collecting returns, comments and observation from stakeholders. The classification of accommodation establishments in both Unguja and Pemba are being EAC graded – and the exercise is yet to be completed. As a result, the ZCT has confirmed that it will continue to apply the present licensing system, and fee structure, until the exercise is complete and every establishment awarded its grade. It is expected that the grading should be complete by mid-end 2015. Please note that applications should be submitted by 28 February – and that penalties apply for late submissions.You can view the ZCT license update letter here – http://www.zati.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/LICENCE-Vs-CLASSIFICATION-1-2015.pdf and get your application here -http://www.zati.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/FOMU-YA-LESENI-2015.pdf. If you have any queries please contact licence officer, Mr Said Soud Said, on 0719038914 or shindanored@yahoo.com.

Advertise in the new ZATI brochure
Take a sneak preview of the new ZATI brochure – and let us know if you would like to place an advert! A limited number will be printed and exhibited at trade shows and events in a bid to contribute towards the destination marketing of Zanzibar. It will also be delivered to Embassies and shared with various Ministerial departments in order to promote Zanzibar, its members, and highlight the work that ZATI does. An online version will feature on the ZATI website, e-mail signature, and Facebook and will also be made available to all members for use on their social media. Further to this, it will be sent out to our database of over 1000 tour operators, hoteliers, journalists, travel specialists and tourism stakeholders across the globe. We are busy making the final touches, so please let us have any comments on the brochure so that we can try to incorporate them. View the draft brochure here – http://www.zati.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ZATI-Brochure-2014-6th-draft-lowres.pdf . Please contact info@zati.org if you would like to advertise or share your comments.


Tanzania Tourism Conference addresses investment climate & opportunities
Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda, Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, inaugurated the Tanzanian Tourism Conference MENA 2014 on 17 December – addressing investment climate and opportunities in the tourism sector. The two-day conference, organised by Consul General of The Republic of Tanzania, supported by Nakheel and Fly Dubai, brought together ministers, experts and stakeholders to address government commitment towards improving tourism sector, business opportunities and investment climate in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. In its first regional drive, the panel highlighted Tanzania Tourism Development Policies, Destination Marketing and Investment in Tourism infrastructures focusing on aviation and air transport facilities, real estate, hotels and accommodation facilities. “Turning insights into action is the purpose of this conference; Tanzania continues to be a safe haven for foreign investors and this forum is a catalyst to present abundance of opportunities across key tourism sectors in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. We are confident that the changing landscape of tourism will provide effective prospects for investors in hospitality, infrastructure and aviation industries” said His Excellency Omary Mjenga, Consul General of Republic of Tanzania, Dubai & Northern Emirates. Read more here – http://www.emiratesweek.com/2014/12/68668

Zanzibar food festival 2015
The Islands Art and Culture Society will be launching a Zanzibar traditional food and spice festival at the House of Wonder’s during Sauti za Busara from 14 – 16 February next year. If you would like to take part or support the festival please contact the festival director Mr Amir Ali Mohammed on 0779 531 570 or 024 2238807 or view the festival programme here – http://www.zati.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ISLAND-ART-Program-2015.pdf and here – http://www.zati.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ISLANDS-ART-amended-2015.pdf

BBC NEWS | In pictures: Zanzibar’s clove harvest
The archipelago of Zanzibar in Tanzania, sometimes known as the Spice Islands, was once the world’s largest producer of cloves. It is still an important industry for farmers on the island of Pemba as the BBC’s Ruth Nesoba found out during the harvesting of the flower buds which when dried are used as a spice in cooking, to flavour drinks like mulled wine and in medicine. Read more – http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-30478709


Member discounts at Hotel Solutions
Hotel Solutions is offering ZATI members a 20% discount off everything in store until the 31st December. Hotel Solutions aims to provide you with all the facilities to allow you to give quality services to your guests. Whether you are a five star hotel or a small restaurant or cafe, it will meet your individual needs – and you will be impressed by the range of products available. For enquiries please contact 0777411887 / 0715411887 or visit the website http://www.hotel-solutions.co.tz/

35% member discount on hospitality security solutions
ZATI member and hospitality security specialist, Ask Barzangy Security, is offering fellow members 35% discount on standard prices for new clients for a limited period only. Ask Barzangy Security is a joint venture company with Ask International, which is based in Dubai. Ask Barzangy’s aim is to enhance the local economy and only selects, trains, and employs the people of Zanzibar in order to fulfil the security requirements of Zanzibar private sector. Ask Barzangy is working alongside a UK security academy and is establishing its own security academy in Zanzibar in January. You can view their company profile at http://www.zati.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/ASKBarzangy-Profile.pdf or contact Harou on 0773064045, Shakila on 071700014, or e-mail eddiebarzangy@gmail.com for more information.


Hodi Hodi
Hodi Hodi is a new boutique beach house development on Zanzibar’s pristine Matemwe beach. Comprising three beach houses with a total of 7 double, twin or family suites, Hodi Hodi is designed for the single independent traveller looking for tranquillity, or groups of up to 14 people who have something to celebrate.
All rooms are sea-facing, en-suite and a few paces from the white sands and warm clear Indian Ocean. The suites have private sun terraces and sunset bar areas. Spacious areas and large windows keep the rooms cool. A natural offshore lagoon allows the sea to be swimmable at all levels of tide. There is a small pool with a cocktail island, and a bar restaurant serving fresh, locally sourced food. Hodi Hodi is on a quiet stretch of beach with very few tourists, walkable for an hour in each direction, and are set amid lush gardens offering either shade under the coconut palms or sun soaked beds on the sand. For more please visit http://www.hodihodizanzibar.com/ or contact info@hodihodizanzibar.com or 255 779 412 603.

Zanzibar Excursions
Zanzibar Excursions is a tour operator, licensed to undertake a wide range of local excursions, activities, hotel reservations, transfers and vehicle hire, Tanzania safaris and more. All employees, including guides and drivers, are qualified and have expertise and experience to ensure outings are both enjoyable and informative. It provides a service that is professional, and does so at competitive prices. With 17 years experience of organising and leading informative and pleasurable tours around this exotic island, Zanzibar Excursions will make your dream come true. For more visit -http://www.zanzibarexcursions.com/ or marketing@zanzibarexcursions.com.


Support ZATI advocacy for sustainable and responsible tourism | Membership from $100 | Register here – Registration
ZATI works primarily to support its member’s interest and thereby protect the largest and fastest growing private sector industry – and one of the largest contributors to the economy and employment in Zanzibar. This is achieved via the involvement of members, sponsors and Government. The improvements that ZATI advocate for on behalf of its members, include policing and security, taxation, utilities, conservation, skills, airport/seaport facilities, destination marketing, which are all essential to a sustainable tourism industry. ZATI works alongside public and private partners to help develop responsible and sustainable tourism. You can apply to join ZATI here – Registration. Find out more about ZATI at http://www.zati.org and Facebook at – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zanzibar-Association-of-Tourism-Investors/216994315120139?ref=br_tf